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Putting My Money Where My Mouth (& Heart) Is

Dry Fast Day 3

After transitioning out of the NFL, I am ready to shed the role of naive rookie and build a team aligned with my values. The world is changing fast, and I believe new frontiers like bitcoin, energy, compute and Africa's growth represent the future. I want my wealth to reflect my belief system, and certainly make an impact. There is money in the bush, and I will invest in me and my family—the best ROI.

I firmly believe the bridge to Africa is poised to be a major global growth market in the coming decades. There are still major risks involved in investing in many African countries and the diaspora - political instability, corruption, weak corporate governance structures. Psychologically, it feels "safer" sticking to more developed markets. I also understand information and financial reporting can be sparse for many African companies. It takes more work to find quality investments.

But this is the last day of my fast, and I am ready to step deeper into my purpose. I am prepared to align my wealth with my values and create tremendous wealth along the way. The time has come to take informed risks, do the hard work, and open myself up to new frontiers. There is money in the bush, and I will not let fear hold me back any longer. Africa represents the future, and I am ready to embrace it with strategic investments that reflect my beliefs. The naive rookie is gone - I am stepping into my purpose and building a team aligned with my values. There is much work to be done, but unlimited potential lies ahead.

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