Day 8 - You Shall Not Steal

Taking and keeping possession of the ball is the absolute deciding factor of all games.

In the NFL, turnovers are King.

Taking and keeping possession of the ball is the absolute deciding factor of all games.

During my time with the Seattle Seahawks, we spent hours fine-tuning a technique dubbed the 'Peanut Tillman Punch Tackle.' Every coach and player was tasked with learning how to employ its use. Typically, a defensive back by position doesn’t lead their teams in the fumble category, but Tillman did. He was a special player:

Picture this: a player moves to engage the ball carrier, positioning their proximate foot and shoulder in such a way to propel through their adversary. However, the action doesn't conclude here. As they go to lock in the wrap-up, they simultaneously execute a targeted punch at the football, a powerful downward strike designed to dislodge it. This dual-action approach is a potent cocktail of defensive prowess and tactical offense. An absolute skill.

But why draw attention to this sports strategy?

Because it serves as a metaphor for many of us in our personal and professional lives. We're each clutching our own metaphorical footballs, carrying our dreams, our aspirations, our unique ideas. And there are life-sucking forces around us - competition, adversity, even our own insecurities - constantly trying to dislodge our grip, to make us fumble our goals. But remember, as much as we strive to protect our own goals, we are guilty of stealing someone else's.


The Eighth Commandment, 'You Shall Not Steal,' is distinct as it encapsulates all the other commandments on the second tablet: murder equates to the theft of a person’s life, while adultery is the theft of someone’s spouse. False testimony is essentially stealing justice. Even coveting is the act of desiring to steal someone else's possessions. Another unique aspect of this commandment is its open-ended nature, making it applicable in countless situations.


Write down five occasions where you have stolen–whether it’s someone's time, effort, or pride. Share them with a close friend. Confession remains good for the soul.

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