Day 35 - Be Angry. Do Not Sin

Wu-Sah...Mother F---

In the backfield, we had the legendary Marshawn Lynch, known as Beast Mode. The entire stadium, the entire world, knew the ball was going to him. We were just inches away from victory, on the verge of becoming a dynasty that could rival the New England Patriots. As an offensive line, we shared knowing smiles in the huddle. This was the moment we had dreamed of, with yards to go and the best running back in the game. It was all on us.

But then, the call came in. We were going to pass. "What the f—," muttered one of my fellow linemen, a mix of disappointment and disbelief creeping in. Deep down, I felt it too, but I couldn't dwell on it for long. I still had faith in our quarterback, Russell.


Breaking the huddle, I faced off against Vince Wilfork, a formidable force on the New England Patriots. They knew exactly where the ball was going. The rest, as football fans know, is history. Malcolm Butler's stunning interception sealed their victory and shattered our dreams of a second straight Super Bowl title.

(Credit: ESPN)

In the locker room, the atmosphere was heavy with disappointment. Emotions were raw, and anger filled the air. Helmets were thrown, tears were shed, and coaches were yelled at. Anger can be dangerous, and it's something we all struggle with at times. But amidst the chaos, there was one person who surprised me: Marshawn. Instead of lashing out or venting his frustration, he had his headphones on, blasting music and rapping at the top of his lungs. He was fully dressed and ready to leave, while others were still coming into the locker room.

Marshawn's calm and composed demeanor spoke volumes. Despite the heartbreak and the missed opportunity, he showed a level of poise and resilience that I couldn't help but admire. It was a reminder that true leadership isn't about losing control in the face of adversity, but about finding the strength to stay composed and focused even when things don't go as planned.

That moment in the locker room stuck with me. It taught me that in the face of disappointment, we have a choice. We can let anger consume us, or we can redirect our energy and focus on the next opportunity. Marshawn's example of handling disappointment with grace and dignity left a lasting impression on me and the entire team. It was a lesson in leadership and a reminder that true character shines brightest in moments of adversity.


“Be angry, and do not sin; ponder in your own hearts on your beds, and be silent. Selah” - Psalm 4:4

What does this mean to you?


I encourage each of you to reflect on that moment when rage clouded your judgment, and if it's possible, reach out to the person you hurt. Initiate that difficult conversation, apologize from the depths of your heart, and strive to rebuild what was once broken.

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