Day 34 - Embrace & Refrain

I love you but you gotta go.

The NFL or NBA sports drafts are a captivating spectacle, filled with anticipation and dreams coming true. I remember my time vividly.

Picture a young man, impeccably dressed, sitting in the green room, surrounded by his family and close friends. You know the story. He's worked tirelessly for this moment, dedicating years of his life to honing his skills and proving himself on the field or court. He's on the verge of becoming a professional athlete and a millionaire overnight.

As his name is called and he walks across the stage to shake hands with team executives, the weight of the world seems to lift off his shoulders. Excitement courses through his veins as he puts on the team's hat, proudly displaying his new allegiance. The cameras flash, capturing the joy and pride radiating from his face.

But amidst the celebration, what this young hopeful may not realize is that with newfound fame and fortune comes a whole new set of challenges. The phrase "mo money, mo problems" starts to take on a deeper meaning. Suddenly, people from his past and even strangers begin to emerge from the woodwork, seeking their share of his success. Long-lost friends and distant relatives believe they are entitled to a piece of his newfound wealth.

It's a harsh reality check. The young athlete is faced with financial decisions he's never encountered before. He must learn to navigate the complex world of investments, taxes, and budgeting on a whole new level. There are agents, financial advisors, and hangers-on vying for his attention, each with their own agenda.

On top of that, he must handle the pressures of being a professional athlete. The demands of the game increase tenfold as he faces higher expectations, intense scrutiny, and the constant need to perform at his best. The world is watching his every move, and any misstep can have serious repercussions for his career and public image.

Amidst all this, he has an expectant family or loved ones who rely on him for support and stability. He must learn to balance the demands of his career with the responsibilities of being a partner, parent, or caregiver. It's a juggling act that requires maturity, patience, and the ability to make sound decisions. This young man, this player has a high likelihood of being stolen from and extorted. If only this young person could know how to stand up for himself with the ones he loved most.

This player is me. And countless others.

Wise, timeless words which I now wholeheartedly adopt, “... [There is] a time to embrace and a time to refrain.” (Ecclesiastes 3:5)


We all have pressures and expectations that are laid upon us. Sometimes by ourselves, sometimes by others Sometimes justly and sometimes unjustly. We have varying responsibilities at every stage of life that we must embrace and we have pressures that may call for a refrain.


Take an inventory of the responsibilities that you find yourself embracing. Prioritize this list in order of the most essential to the least essential. Cut where necessary and appropriate.

Not a medical professional, my advice should not replace medical advice or treatment. Seek professional medical advice if you have specific health concerns, especially when planning to fast. Any fasting advice I provide is general and should be followed alongside personal health guidelines and consultation with a healthcare provider.

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