Day 19 - Dwell Together in Unity

Who do you play for?

Who do you play for? In addition to prioritizing your own interests, it is equally important to extend our concern and care towards others.

In the captivating movie "Miracle," a pivotal moment unfolds amidst the backdrop of the U.S. men's ice hockey team's preparation for the 1980 Winter Olympics. Portrayed by Kurt Russell, Coach Herb Brooks becomes increasingly frustrated as he witnesses his athletes strongly identifying solely with their college teams, rather than embracing the national team they are building.

Following a dismal game performance characterized by individualistic efforts and a glaring absence of teamwork, Coach Brooks decides to take action. He initiates a grueling series of line drills, pushing the players to their limits, patiently waiting for a transformative realization to occur. Even the viewer sits at unease, helplessly watching them team skate relentlessly back and forth across the ice, long after the lights have been turned off.

And then, at last, a profound realization dawns upon one of the players, who stops gasping for air and declares, "I play for the United States of America."

In response, Coach Brooks imparts a powerful message, emphasizing the significance of representing oneself and one's teammates when donning the jersey. He emphasizes that the name on the front—the emblem of the nation—is far more consequential than the individual names on the back.

A strong teachable moment, intertwined with the dramatic events of the movie, underscores the importance of unity and collective identity. That a measure of greatness is in the shared pursuit of a grander goal above personal accolades.


As you can imagine, Super Bowl XLIX was a tough pill to swallow for me and my former teammates. It was difficult for many of to overcome the controversial decision to pass instead of run, giving the Patriots their fourth Super Bowl title and foiling our attempt to repeat as league champions.

Have you ever had a mishap and blamed someone helps? Have you ever stood in your own way?


Call a person you deeply respect. Someone who will always tell you the truth about yourself. Ask them if at times, they feel like you are your own worst enemy.

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