Day 18 - Number Our Days

You have been granted another opportunity at life.

"Congratulations, you have been granted another opportunity at life."

In the Los Angeles medical office, the unusual statement reverberated. These haunting words hung in the air, leaving me frozen, a young individual confronted with the stark reality of my own mortality. The pulmonologist, with a knowing smile, understood the weight of the situation. I stood there, speechless, grappling with the profound implications of this unexpected proclamation.

As I reflected on my current situation, I couldn't help but wonder how I ended up here. It all started when I began experiencing unusual chest pains during practice, prompting my wife to urge me into seeking medical attention at urgent care. This was different from the typical sports injuries we often encounter, like sprained ankles or strained knees. Those are tough to deal with, but this was something else entirely—a silent and deadly condition. It wasn't like a linebacker charging straight at me or a defensive lineman forcefully pushing me aside. Instead, it was a subtle monster, lurking within.

This acceptance of this reality came after I found out I had a pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis caused by blood clots in my lungs and legs. I attempted to replay the scene of June 1 when I started experiencing shortness of breath, continuously in my mind.

At that moment, my wife, Samar and I looked at each other. We were afraid. I was a new father and wanted to live to see my first son grow. She did too. I promised from that day forward, I would never waste another day in my life with anything not worthy of focus.


How do you prioritize your days? What empowers you to embrace each day to its fullest? Are there recurring activities in your life that you would let go of if you were to wisely assign a value to your limited time?


When it comes to removing activities from our schedules, a prudent approach would involve writing those that do not align with your goals, values, or well-being and striking them off the list.

Not a medical professional, my advice should not replace medical advice or treatment. Seek professional medical advice if you have specific health concerns, especially when planning to fast. Any fasting advice I provide is general and should be followed alongside personal health guidelines and consultation with a healthcare provider.

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