Day 16 - Proclaim the Jubilee


Beloved, let us embrace our identity as a holy and set apart people, the redeemed of the great Creator. We shall be known as a sought-out city, never forsaken, and a people of forgiveness.

I propose a case for legislation: that we acknowledge that all land and all people belong to God, a higher entity than ourselves. We must recognize that the land does not permanently belong to us; rather, we are humble servants, living upon the abundant gifts of creation. That we are a covenant family, liberated by a divine architect. In this liberation, through ongoing efforts of forgiveness and reconciliation, we are empowered to joyfully forgive others and embody the mercy of the Highest Power. This profound transformation can be accomplished through a simple act called Jubilee.

In the Jubilee, debts shall be forgiven, and land, which sustains our livelihoods, shall be returned. The land itself is not our permanent possession; instead, we are all equally strangers and sojourners upon it. We are but servants, graciously living upon the precious gifts of creation entrusted to us by the Divine. The fabric of our society should include a tradition of debt forgiveness, offering hope and a fresh start to those burdened by unpayable debts.

Let's examine the prevailing Western thinking and its implications. Usury, typically with very high interest rates, has become common practice. This widespread phenomenon has led to the emergence of numerous debtor-slaves within societies, significantly undermining the social fabric. The weakened social structure becomes vulnerable to external threats and potential attacks from foreign sources. Debt, taxes and ultimately money printing has led to military expansion and endless wars.

u·su·ry / noun The illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest. "The medieval prohibition on usury"

The essence of my argument lies in the misalignment between modern-day capitalism and the foundational principles upheld throughout history. Capitalism, as commonly practiced in the present climate, deviates from the values rooted in ancient wisdom. A key concept that can guide us back to a more balanced approach is the Jubilee.

Jubilees hold the power to recalibrate our understanding of stewardship, redirecting our focus towards the original source and the redemption of humanity. By declaring Jubilee as a divine decree or aligning it with a significant calendar event, biblical legislation effectively removed this institution from the control of monarchs and governments. In doing so, it placed people on a level playing field, recognizing the inherent equality and shared responsibility among all individuals.


According to Leviticus 25:23, it is proclaimed, "The land is mine, declares Yahweh, you are but strangers abiding on my land." This passage transforms the perception of "strangers," shifting from wealthy foreigners who subjugated the Israelites to the understanding that Israelites are temporary dwellers on God's land. They are considered God's "slaves" from the beginning and therefore cannot be owned or enslaved by any other human.


Forgive a debt. Doesn't have to be financial. Maybe someone "owes" you a favor. Let it go.

Not a medical professional, my advice should not replace medical advice or treatment. Seek professional medical advice if you have specific health concerns, especially when planning to fast. Any fasting advice I provide is general and should be followed alongside personal health guidelines and consultation with a healthcare provider.

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