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  • Day 11 - Do Not Offer Your Children to Moloch

Day 11 - Do Not Offer Your Children to Moloch

What will you do to secure your seat at the table?

And it came to pass that there was a man born into a family of outcasts. Despite his lowly status, he was a skilled warrior and quickly gained a reputation as a fierce fighter.

One day, the elders of his tribe came to him with a request. They were being threatened by an oppressing tribe, and they needed him to lead their army into battle. And if they had victory, they would give him a seat at the table. He was hesitant at first, but he knew that a seat at the table would not only provide riches but fame to set his family up for generations.

As they prepared for war, the man made a vow to his god, Moloch. He promised that if Moloch would give him victory over his enemies, he would offer up as a sacrifice his greatest possession.

The man led his army into battle and emerged victorious. But as he returned home, his heart sank when he realized that his greatest possession was his only son. He had promised to offer up his greatest possession, and so he felt compelled to fulfill his vow.

With a heavy heart, the man offered up his son as a sacrifice to Moloch, believing that it was the only way to please his god. But Moloch was a cruel and demanding god, and the man soon found that his sacrifice was not enough.

He was consumed by a dark and unrelenting desire to please Moloch, and he began to offer up more and more sacrifices, including his own flesh and blood. His mind became consumed by the power and the allure of the sacrifice, and the acclaim it brought him. Moloch cursed him with more.

And so it was that the man's devotion to Moloch became his undoing. He had made a vow to sacrifice his greatest possession, but in his blind devotion, he had lost sight of what truly mattered. He had become consumed by the darkness and the power of his god, and in the end, it was his own life that was sacrificed to Moloch.


What have you done to secure your “seat at the table”?


Consider your greatest possession and take several moments to express gratitude for whatever it may be.

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